Thursday, October 8, 2009

How about that Elvis stamp?

One Christmas I was in a long line in the Garden Grove, California, post office. An elderly woman was in line in front of me and when she finally got to the counter, she ordered a book of stamps. After asking for the book, she qualified her statement by saying with a great deal of irritation, "And none of those darn Elvis stamps, either!" Everyone within earshot tried not to laugh out loud.

Should you use a live stamp or bulk mail for your next promotional piece? While bulk mail may save a few pennies, I always use a real stamp. In fact, I often get creative and use stamps with themes or beautiful pictures just to draw the letter opener’s eye to them.

One of my favorite marketing gurus, Mark Satterfield at his blog Gentle Rain Sales Letters, offers the same advice. “A live stamp makes the recipient pause and say to themselves, ‘I wonder if this is something important?’”

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