Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Are brochures dead?

Absolutely not. A brochure is still a great way to market your business. In many cases, your brochure is the only shot you have to market your business to a potential client.

Many companies design and print their own brochures in-house. Unfortunately, it often shows. Your brochure should boldly proclaim your professionalism, and there is no substitute for one professionally written, designed and printed. Why scrimp on this critical marketing piece?

Not only can a brochure help you when you attend meetings with the potential for networking, a well-written brochure placed on your website as a PDF file allows potential clients direct access to it. This saves you time and mailing costs as well as shows the professionalism of your firm.

In addition, you may be marketing to several types of clients. For example, auditing firms may market to the Lloyds' market and to stateside carriers. In this case, the two speak English, but very different forms of it. A copywriter who has worked with both markets will tell you -- you write differently for the London market.

Perhaps your adjusting firms wants to pursue surplus lines business. A brochure tailored to the excess markets and managing general agents will help get your foot in the door by showing your knowledge of and commitment to this unique niche.

Today's insurance market is niche driven, and a one-size-fits-all brochure won't always do what you need it to. Designing and writing a brochure is less expensive than you may think. Money well spent on marketing your business will inevitably come back to you, with more.

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