Sunday, July 19, 2009

Your RFP response is a critical factor in winning that account

More and more, large organizations seeking professional services like adjusting services, prescription benefits programs or agent / broker services turn to Requests for Proposal (RFP) to choose the best provider. For many service providers, responding to RFPs the first few times can be intimidating. A professional writer can help.

Case Study

A life and health agent in a small town of about 30,000 wanted to compete for a local organization's group health benefits coverage. The organization had gone out with an RFP for broker services the previous year and the brokerage, although submitting a proposal, failed to win the business. The hospital went out for services again last month and the brokerage turned to Insurance Writer for help in preparing the RFP.

As a former risk manager who both wrote and, as a consultant, responded to RFPs, I am in a unique position to help service providers craft excellent responses. I know what purchasing officers look for reviewing RFP responses. Today’s purchasing officer reviews, normally with a team of experienced personnel, many RFPs when attempting to procure services. Your response must stand out from the crowd.

The process we used allowed the agent to answer as many questions as he could in writing in the format of the RFP response. Then in a short series of interviews we determined his hidden strengths and where these assets could flesh out the RFP response. With our help, this agent stands a much better chance to win this bid. As an additional benefit, he can use this same RFP response and its format for future responses since so many RFPs ask for the same information again and again.

Here is the best part. The agent paid less than one percent of his potential commission in this matter to give him the edge he needs to win this important bid. Are you willing to invest a little to win? You will be surprised at how affordable our services are. Call us at 602.870.3230 if we can help.

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