Tuesday, March 27, 2007

BNet a great resource

I preview a lot of business blogs to make my blog sharper. Let's face it, today, blogs proliferate, many with little content. One that I am impressed with is BNet.

BNet bills itself as "the go-to place for management." You can either surf the site or sign up for newsletters, which I prefer since the day usually evaporates before I have time to search the sites I enjoy. You can manage the types of newsletters you want to receive, such as marketing, enterprise spotlight, or the BNet report. The marketing blog is one I highly recommend.

BNet's marketing blog just had an article called the Marketing ROI Calculator. It's an Excel spreadsheet that you can download that allows you to plan your marketing campaign by quarter, calculate your response rate, which can be adjusted each quarter after you track how your leads are discovering you, and then calculate the return on investment projected or received from your advertising efforts.

Here's the link to the marketing calculator:

As we all know, it's imperative that we track our advertising efforts so we can figure out how to best spend our advertising budget. You'd be surprised how many advertisers fail to do just that. Even a simple check sheet that asks potential clients where they found you provided to all employees who deal with the public is a start toward managing your advertising efforts.

If you're interested in BNet, spend a few minutes searching the site by topic or just cruising through its many articles. I'm not easily impressed and BNet impresses me.

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