Monday, May 14, 2007

Top 10 reasons to hire Insurance Writer

  1. Not many writers are enthusiastic about insurance. I am! An enthusiastic copywriter delivers great copy on time.
  2. Few writers understand insurance and risk management. As a second-generation insurance professional with over two decades of experience, I do.
  3. I have almost two decades of copywriting experience.
  4. I have strong grammatical and writing skills.
  5. I am dependable and a “solution" to your marketing problems.
  6. I work well under tight deadlines.
  7. Because my overhead is low, my rates are affordable.
  8. I make your life easier by taking writing out of your busy schedule so you can concentrate on your bottom line.
  9. I understand your business, which means working with me takes less time.
  10. We never have to meet if you don’t want to. 90 percent of my work is completed by phone and electronic mail.

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