Monday, August 13, 2007

Brain drain

I'm about to release a White Paper on managing the coming information crunch from Brain Drain in the insurance industry. During the process of researching this article, I've talked to a great many insurance professionals to discover ways insurance companies are dealing with the impending talent crunch.

By and large, I've found that few companies are strategically tackling this problem. One company that has impressed me with its efforts to develop a mentoring program to address this issue (among other employment issues they face) is Aon Services Corporation. I spoke at length today to one of their senior managers, who spent almost an hour to assist me by describing steps her company is taking to address important employment issues such as talent loss and inter-generational management concerns.

If you know of any other insurance organizations that are working proactively to address intellectual capital losses whether from retirement or other issues such as downsizing, please let me know. My contact information is found on my website at Insurance Writer.

While not all experts agree that a talent crunch is coming, demographics show with startling clarity what our industry should expect in the next decade. Once I publish the paper, I'll either let you know where to find it or post it on my website.

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