Monday, August 10, 2009

Build your website quickly and easily

I write website copy for agents and insurance providers. One of the biggest problems my clients find is locating a website designer who 1) is affordable and 2) is easy to work with and dependable. Especially for agents with small marketing budgets, finding the appropriate website designer is almost always a challenge.

While I rarely endorse products because I cover so many in my various columns, one website design option I think will fit many agents’ budgets is AgentMethods. In just a few minutes, agents can achieve a professional website that will help them build their business. With three options available, AgentMethods’ cost is very reasonable to establish a web presence, a must in today’s tech-savvy society. I talked with founder and CEO Aaron Kassover recently and was impressed with his straightforward attitude.

While agents will still want to incorporate customized wording and landing pages for their sites, this template is a great vehicle to build a website for countless agents without extensive computer skills.

Contact Aaron via his website. Once you have your website up and running, I’d be happy to assist you with additional advertising copy that will help drive business to you.

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Thanks for sharing the tips. I'm looking for someone affordable and reliable too.