Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Agents must communicate their value

A recent survey of public sector risk managers showed two unsettling trends. 1) When risk managers were asked if they viewed their dealings with their carriers as “a significant, long-term relationship,” only 30 percent of the respondents answered that question in the highest category.

Almost half of the respondents anticipated changing carriers compared with only 36 percent in 2008, a difference of 12 percent. Seventeen percent of respondents reported a “strained” relationship with their insurance carrier and fully 22 percent were considering changing brokers. An additional six percent reported a “strained” relationship with their broker.

What does this survey reveal? Brokers and agents must work hard to keep today’s insurance consumer happy. Providing valuable client services and frequent, thoughtful communication helps insurance professionals retain their client base and build business. Contacting your clients only at renewal or when they make changes to their coverage will no longer suffice. Today’s knowledgeable consumer no longer settles solely for a commodity-based insurance provider relationship. They must able to clearly evaluate the value-added services your agency or brokerage provides. Are you reminding your clients of those services?

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Life Insurance Calculator said...

It's my first requirement with my agents to have good communication skills. It's not always how much but what's the results.