Thursday, February 1, 2007

Who's training whom?

Do your employees' eyes glaze over when you train? Does their absolute lack of attention drive you crazy? Who's training whom?

If your training sessions are boring or you are burned out trying to teach the essentials of insurance again and again to staff members who nod in their chairs while you teach, maybe it's time you outsourced the design and even the presentation of your training programs.

While many insurance professionals have decided to study on-line, there is absolutely no substitute for personalized training given by an experienced insurance professional. Anecdotes, words of wisdom and exercises designed to improve students' recall of the material are lost in on-line presentations.

Right now, I'm developing a four-hour training module for a national insurance carrier. To avoid further customer service snafus, these savvy claim managers are retraining adjusters to improve their employees' customer-service levels. I guarantee that the monies spent will be recouped many times over in improved customer service from their adjusters. In addition, it will reap benefits by providing greater administrative time due to reduced complaints.

I have taught both the Associate in Claims and the Associate in Risk Management courses and I understand adult education. Can I help design a training program and even present a training program that improves your customer service?

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