Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Do you need a slogan?

Many organizations have slogans. Insurance Writer has two: "Where Insurance is an Art," and "Making you successful makes me successful." I've used the first one for years; the second one is to brand my blog. No matter the size of your company, a catchy slogan is critical to your branding efforts. After all, where would Allstate be without its "You're in good hands" slogan?

Developing a slogan is a process of trial and error. To develop a slogan, you'll need to define the benefits your organization provides that others in your niche may not. For the agent I was working with last week in Arizona, they are family owned and have been in business in that area for 45 years. They have a slogan they've used for years, but on the agent's business card whose business we are building we put, "The Personal Insurance Specialist." That says, in four words, exactly what she does and differentiates her from the agent pack.

To develop your slogan, and recall that you may have two or three different slogans for various uses, devise a list of ten or twenty possible slogans and solicit feedback from long-time customers, friends and trusted colleagues. You can also use a method from poetry, the "cut-up" method. Take key words like "service," "trusted," "home-town," or other ones you might use. Put them in various combinations to find a phrase you like.

A copywriter can help you develop slogans for your company. Considering that a good catchphrase can boost your business greatly, you'll reap a big return on investment.

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