Friday, June 29, 2007

On a mission

I heard a great slogan the other day that speaks to the heart of what makes a good salesperson. "I'm on a mission--not on commission," this salesperson said. To be truly successful in the long run, I believe, sales people must look beyond the immediate profit to what is best for the client.

The agency I worked with recently in Arizona has done just that. Over the years, they have always put their clients' needs ahead of their need for profit. They have had to turn business away to brokers with more markets or who were better suited to help their insureds. They always did so with grace and good humor. They wished their clients well who left them, even if it was only for a hundred or so dollars in premium savings. "If we can help you in the future, just let us know," they would always say. Inevitably, some of that business came back to them. They have lived the slogan "We're on a mission--not just commission."

I wonder how many people in the insurance industry still put their client's well-being ahead of their organization's need for profit? I know some do.

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