Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Making the phones ring

Next week I'm heading back to Arizona to help an insurance agency there with a marketing plan. Competing against direct writers in today's market isn't easy, especially in personal lines. Marketing your agency is easy, but to do so, you have to spend some money.

One great marketing tool I use is Vista Prints. They have a stockpile of templates for mailings. They have a simple-to-use website that allows you to design postcards, business cards, or brochures. For a little over 50 cents including postage, you can design and mail a custom postcard to any number of prospects.

Check out Vista Prints. (I don't gain financially from this post, I'm just letting you know that I've relied on them for awhile with good results.) And remember to track your returns on your direct mailing projects. It doesn't do any good to spend money on advertising or mailings if you don't know how much revenue they produce.

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