Saturday, October 6, 2007

Press release

October 6, 2007

Release Date: Immediate Contact: Nancy Germond, ARM, AIC

Insurance Writer offers new advertising concepts—entertaining ads capture business consumers.

Recent Adweek Magazine survey reveals 80 percent of responders like
“smart, entertaining” advertising.

A recent Adweek Magazine survey of Americans’ opinions of advertising showed that 72 percent of those surveyed “…get tired of people trying to grab my attention to sell me stuff.” A full 84 percent say “Too many things are over-hyped now….” Yet 80 percent of responders admit they like “smart, entertaining” ads. This poll illustrates that most consumers are tired of advertising, yet potential buyers’ attention can be captured with humor. With a hint of wit, venders can generate both click-throughs and branding. Buyers of your service are more inclined to remember your name if you capture their attention with humor.

Nancy Germond of Insurance Writer, in conjunction with Stillman Thomas of the Stillman Group, develops advertising for some of the top insurance brokers, MGAs and insurance service providers in the nation. To view an example of one of their branding ads to promote the independent insurance agent, visit this link.

Today’s consumers are bombarded with advertisements, printed, on-line and in e-mail. Consumers, whether agents, brokers or industry service providers, are also assailed with media trying to sell a product. It is imperative that advertising dollars are spent on ad vehicles that are “sticky,” that remain in people’s minds long after they have viewed your ad or perhaps clicked through to your website.

Nancy Germond, ARM, AIC, President of Insurance Writer, develops advertising and provides consulting services for a variety of insurance-related organizations. Stillman Thomas develops advertising and provides website design and computer consulting.

For more information regarding the services they provide, please e-mail her at or call her at (573) 638-3738.

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