Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A day at the capitol

I spent yesterday at our state capitol doing some promotion on behalf of a local client. It's early in the session and committees are still being formed, caucuses aligning and lobbyists are making their rounds.

I accompanied a friend of mine who is a lobbyist, and what struck me about my visit was how easy it was for her to open doors for me. Left to my own devices, I knew only a few legislators and it would have taken me days to accomplish what she helped me to do in just a few hours. In fact, without her, I clearly would not have received all the green lights I received nor even thought to ask for some of the favors that were granted on behalf of the client I was promoting.

Much of life is like that. Left to our own devices, we can do an adequate job, but with expert help, the time it takes to complete the task, and the results we achieve, often soar.

This is often true when we sit down to craft policy, advertising, procedures or any of the myriad writing tasks we encounter in our businesses. This is where a copywriter can help. We save you time, money and often, a great deal of frustration.

Rather than struggling with your next writing project, why not hire a copywriter and channel that valuable time and energy toward more strategic organizational goals?

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