Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Marketing budget

How much can you spend? Your budget should be developed early in conjunction with your copywriter, because whatever the size of your budget, you must focus on the maximum use of the funds available.

A meeting with your copywriter to estimate costs and to evaluate your expectations is critical early in the planning stages of your project.

Perhaps a brochure is the best vehicle to spread your message, but the cost of a color brochure may be out of reach. A black-and-white brochure may not appeal to your sophisticated clientele, so it might pay to rethink your choice of vehicle and use a "pitch letter," a direct-mail piece that is professional and targeted to your upscale clientele.

Budgets in advertising are important because good advertising is rarely inexpensive when one considers all costs involved.

Simple advertising often pays big dividends, however, so if your budget is small, don't despair. A good copywriter can still help you spread your message to your target audience.

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