Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Top 10 reasons to hire Insurance Writer

Top Ten Reasons to Hire Insurance Writer to Write Your Copy

  1. Stop struggling to find the right words for your advertising. Redirect your energy into money-making activities.
  2. Have you ever known a “Nancy” who wasn’t a nice person?
  3. Knowledge—I understand insurance. With over two decades of insurance experience (and as a second-generation insurance professional), I’m one of the few copywriters who understands most aspects of the property and casualty business.
  4. 2007 promotion—Every new client gets a free pair of neon fuzzy dice—Not!
  5. Low overhead means low fees (Hey, what else is there to spend money on in Missouri but ice melt?).
  6. Most advertising agencies don’t want small accounts. I do. After all, I’m only 5’ 4.”
  7. My strengths includes direct mail, white papers, sales letters, press releases, brochures, procedures and policy, most aspects of advertising, radio copy, ghostwriting, and much more. Call, because if I can’t do it, I’ll refer you to someone who can. We’ll have a nice chat, anyway.
  8. One of the world’s greatest writers, Charles Dickens, worked in a factory. I was a presser in a necktie factory before I found the glamorous world of insurance.
  9. Fast turnaround time. Many copywriters charge extra for “rush” jobs. I thrive on pressure.
  10. I work weird hours (Hey, I'm a writer!). I'll be up at 9 p.m. waiting for your call!

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